"I have tried so many different senior feeds over the years and they all seemed to either do nothing for my aging gelding or hyped him up. Then it was about two or so years ago, I was at a feed store that had recently opened and they were recommending your Perfectly Senior and that it came in two formulas, Summer and Winter. I checked out the label and the contents and was very impressed!!! I bought my first bag to try and have been using the summer formula since that day. Then this last summer when my old gelding had his yearly dental check up and work done, the decision was made to no longer feed hay, his teeth were just too bad and were not grinding up the hay good enough.

NO one can believe Cory is going to be 29 this coming Feb, 09. He looks better now than he did at 25. That fact can be directly attributed to the Perfectly Senior feed. I can’t recommend this feed enough. Where my old gelding used to trot in for his feeding time, he now gallops in. My neighbors have even remarked on it. I still ride him and drive him. I have included pictures of my boy. One was taken this last August or Sept by a friend who is a professional photographer named Zandria. It is this picture that really shows how super my old gelding looks in his old age!! I can’t say thank you enough times for this great feed!"

Penny Dees and Cory, "The Grey Beastie"

Switched from Nutrina NXT to Kruse EA Supreme and has found his two rodeo horses thriving, and has been winning more events than ever! Mason Malone is a 2 time qualifier for the PRCA CA Circuit Final in the Tie Down Roping.

Mason Malone, CJRA Rodeo Superstar of Ramona, CA
Member of: CJRA, AVYRA , and CHSRA

"I use Perfectly Senior Horse Pellets for my horses. I have seen a difference in my horses since adding Perfectly Senior to their daily diet. I like that this feed is a fortified feed with Glucosamine, MSM, Yucca, Vitamin C and yeast just to name a few of its ingredients. These ingredients I would supply seperatly if not already fortifed in this feed, which makes it cost effective. I also like the size of the small pellets making it easy for the horse to chew and digest and the horses love it. Thank you for this wonderful product."

Gina Gould, EBW
Certified Equine Body Worker

“My name is Tammy Aden. I have had my Appaloosa “Butter” on Perfectly Senior for over 10 years. She is doing great. She is 43 years old and she looks just as good today as she did over 20 years ago. (with the exception of her blindness). She still gets out and gallops around the pasture. She is turned out with my 3 & 4 year old paints who think she is a great play toy. But she holds her own while playing with them. The product comes in 2 versions, Winter and Summer. The Winter version is great for added fat that she needs in the winter. They also have the joint supplement already in the feed so I no longer have to supplement her or any of my horses with joint supplements anymore. 

The Summer works well with those other older critters of mine who do not need the added fat. I also have a 29 year old Arabian (who I still gymkhana on), 21 Qtr/thorobred cross (Son of Butter), 22 year old palomino quarter horse, and a 24 year old Quarter horse (my sons all around horse) all on the Senior feed. They all look great and nobody can believe how old they are. (Especially when we still take them into the mountains for 4-8 hour rides.)”

Tammy Aden

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